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Traditional Japanese Bamboo Chopsticks Set

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Oriental cuisine is best consumed using the traditional wooden chopsticks. Here at Susheff, five lovely pairs of Japanese bamboo chopsticks are now available.

Unlike other chopsticks, this set is one-of-kind! If you have this unusual obsession with anything that has to do with adorable pandas, then this item might be just right for you. These blue, green, pink, etc. pair of chopsticks are adorned with polka dots and cute little panda heads on top of each. Crafted from brand new and high-quality material, these long chopsticks are durable and safe to use.

Upon purchasing the item, however, please be sure to immerse the utensils in warm water before using it to remove impurities due to the packaging of the product. Hurry and purchase a set now and enjoy an overloading cuteness and quality merged in one!

Item Specifications:
Material: Bamboo
Size: 22.5 cm (8.9 inches)
Weight: 114 grams
What's Inside the Box:
5 x Pairs chopsticks

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