Sushi Rolling Kit - Natural Bamboo 2x Rolling Mats Rice Paddle Spreader and Sauce Dish

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Going green out of habit is one of the most effective ways of helping out our environment and of saving the only planet we have. As we all know, a lot of items in the market are now specifically designed to reduce the consumption of plastic, minimize the production of harmful gasses that contaminate the air, etc.

One of these tools are the sushi natural rolling kit. Made from natural bamboo, this kit is really a must-have because it is lightweight and reusable. It saves you from purchasing new ones again and again. Once you buy one at Susheff, not only you will help to save the environment but you can as well perfect the art of creating sushi right away.

Item Specifications:
Material: Natural Bamboo
What's Inside the Box:
2 X Bamboo Rolling Mats
1 X Rice Paddle
1 X Spreader Paddle
1 X Sauce Dish

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