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Stunning 5 Pairs Handmade Bamboo Chopsticks Gift Set

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Transform your weekend family dining into something that everyone in the family would look forward to using these five pairs of stunning handmade chopsticks.

Truly, this product is made from hundred percent brand new and high-quality bamboo sticks that are specifically designed to satisfy the oriental needs of the members in your family. Each pair of chopsticks possesses an identical fish-design, also known as Saury on top of each.

However, these may vary in many colors, such as blue, black, yellow, etc. With their bright colors and unique design, now is the time effectively diminish the perpetual problem of accidentally disposing of your chopsticks right in the trash. Every chopstick is coated in heavy tree oil which is naturally extracted from trees, making it more environment- friendly and healthy to use. Give it to your classy friend who demands to have a set of this wonderful creation only found here at Susheff. 

Item Specifications:
Material: Bamboo
Size: 22.5 cm (8.9 inches)
Weight: 130 grams
What's Inside the Box:
5 X Pairs Chopsticks

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