DIY Perfect Maker Sushi Silicone Rolling Mat

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For those who love to create onigiris for bento boxes, this silicone sushi rolling mat is one of your best items to look out for.

These white-colored rolling mats are a lot more convenient and easy to use. Since the mats are extremely flexible, you can now proudly bid adieu to the hassles and messy counters brought about by sturdy bamboo sticks intertwined to create the traditional rolling mats. Although these classic bamboo rolling mats are preferred by most Japanese deli experts, these silicone mats, moreover, are best used by those beginners who want to practice crafting the best sushi in town.

This item, surprisingly, is not solely for making sushi, maki and other Japanese dishes. this is also used for rolling pies, cakes and other foods that require handling and rolling.

Item Specifications:
Material: Silicone
Color: White
Size: 35 x 30 x 0.2 cm
Weight: 243 grams
What's Inside the Box:
1 x Silicone Rolling Mat

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