Authentic 5 Pair Printed Metal Chopsticks Set

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A set of five, elegant stainless steel pairs of chopsticks are now up for grabs. Each pair has a printed porcelain design pattern. These silver-colored chopsticks are relatively long perfect for holding food. It also features small circle tips located at the bottom of each chopstick for efficient food cutting, picking and grasping.

These stainless steel beautiful chopsticks available in three colors, red, blue and yellow. Level-up your sushi experience with this authentic chopsticks set.

Item Specifications:
Material: Stainless steel
Size: 22.5 cm
Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow
What's inside the Box:
5 x Pairs Printed Porcelain Chopsticks
A Helpful Tip:
For first-time users, wash the chopsticks with warm water added with a cup of vinegar.

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