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Reusable Japanese Wooden Chopsticks Set Multicolored 5 pairs for sale

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Five lovely pairs of multicolored chopsticks are truly a must-have for an avid chopstick fan like yourself!

If you have a habit of collecting unique chopsticks or if you are just simply attracted to anything floral, then this particular item is made just for you. Each pair comes in different colors such as sky blue, dark blue, maroon, etc., and are printed in repeating floral designs. In just one look, you can immediately notice one of the best features of this Susheff product.

As you can see, there are tiny rings located at the bottom of each stick. This is designed for the purpose of keeping your food intact so that it does not slip while you are holding it with your chopsticks. These Japanese style utensils are coated with special tree oil that is natural and environment-friendly thus, keeps you from the harmful effects of lead-containing chemicals found in the usual paint.

Item Specifications:
Material: Bamboo
Length: 22.5 cm.
What's inside the box:
5 x Pairs of Multicolored Chopsticks
A Helpful Tip:
For first-time users, wash the chopsticks with warm water added with a cup of vinegar.

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