Perfect Roll DIY Sushi Rolling Making Kit Machine

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If you are an all-time Japanese food lover who loves to cook, I bet you have already experienced the recurring hassles of rolling your favorite dish of cooked rice and raw fish, a sushi that is, with your bare hands.

Oftentimes, this sumptuous oriental delicacy is made into tight, firm rolls using the traditional rolling mats. With these material, however, the process can be very tedious to perform since the rice would loosen and mess-up all over the place. But with the Sushi Rolling Machine, an efficient way of making your favorite sushi is now at your grasp. Made of non-toxic plastic material, it is perfectly crafted to make the best sushi in town. This product is the fastest way to make delicious sushi at home; just put all the needed ingredients inside, give it a good pull, and you are good to go.

Moreover, its detachable feature makes it very easy to clean and store. Make sure to have your kitchen even one of this Easy To Use Sushi Rolling Machine now!

Roller Machine Roll Sushi Molds Maker Easy Kitchen Magic Gadget Cooking Tools 

Item specification:
Material: Plastic
Production methods:
Cut out suitable width and length
Put in rice vegetables, beef, fish and your favorite ingredients in the sushi machine
Taking hold of the two-head shelf, make a hard pull to make the sushi
Quite simple, isn't it?
Color: Black and Transparent 
Size: 18.5 x 7.8 x 6.2 cm
What's inside the Box:
1 x Sushi Roller Machine

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