Washable DIY Sushi Plastic Rolling Mat + Padle

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You will certainly feel like a pro while using this washable plastic, sushi rolling mat. Have you ever got tired of using the traditional rolling mats?

Of being ultimately hassled by the grains of rice that keep on sticking out from the rolling mat? Sure, we have used the traditional ones over the course of time and, undeniably, the sushi recipes that have come out from it bears this exceptional taste. The art of creating sushi requires an adept skill, patience, and determination. Rolling a fistful of rice is never easy. That is why this brand-new item is here to save the day.

Impress your friends with this set of clear, plastic rolling mats. This equipment is used by most professionals, it also includes a plastic rice paddle material. Purchase one now and experience oriental dining at its finest.

Item Specifications:
Color: Yellow, White (sends randomly)
Material: Plastic
Size: 21 x 18 Sushi mat, 16 x 5 Rice paddle
What's Inside the Box:
1 x Sushi Plastic Rolling Mat
1 x Rice Plastic Paddle
Some Helpful Tips:
Just do not use it at high temperatures because the string used to intertwine the sticks might melt immediately. 

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