5 pcs Natural Bamboo Sushi Set - Rice Tub 2X Mats + 2X Rice Paddles

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Create the perfect maki with this natural bamboo rolling mat and additional rice paddle. Moreover, the function of this authentic mat which is commonly known as makisu in Japan, is to roll the desired sushi or maki into perfection.

The rice paddle, on the other hand, mixes the rice and vinegar well without snapping the grains. Feel like a legit Japanese cuisine expert while cooking such as totemo oishii Japanese food with this rolling mat and rice paddle. The mat is made from high-class bamboo sticks, intertwined together to provide a naturally non-stick surface.

In here, you can place your rice mixture and roll it into your desired size. You do not only look like and expert and impress your family and friends while using this natural bamboo mat, but you can also practice your rolling skills with this one. It is also great to use this product when preparing other delectable Japanese food.

Item Specifications: 
Meterial: Natural Bamboo
Color: as picture shows  
What's Inside the Box:
2 x Sushi Rolling Mat
2 x Rice Paddle
1 x Sushi Rice Tub - 10"/12"/13"

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