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Beautiful Plum Wood Chopsticks Gift Set

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If you no longer fancy the elegance of stainless steel chopsticks and now chose to settle for a double pair of wooden chopsticks, you have just come to the right place!

Sure enough, stainless steel is durable and could last for years but if you now prefer the simplicity of wooden type chopsticks, you will have to purchase one of the best. This solid wood chopstick set is one of the best items on this website to look for. The product comes with two pairs of stylish solid wood chopsticks, two holders, and an elegant case specifically designed for storage. Unlike other chopsticks featured on other websites, this item is crafted from white plum and carved with different designs. These chopsticks are environment-friendly and safe to use, which make these items perfect enough to have as an addition for home use or better yet, as a gift for your family and friends.

Item Specification:
Material: Wood
Length: 225 mm Chopsticks
What's Inside the Box:
1 X Pair of Copsticks
1 X Pair of Chopsticks Rests
Weight: 0.010 kg (0.02 lb)
Package Size: 30 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm
A Helpful Tip:
For first-time use, wash the chopsticks with warm water added with a cup of vinegar. 

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