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Authentic Tableware Straightener Service Gift Set

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In this world full of varied options for quality dining equipment, who would not love this adorable tableware gift set?

With its cat-cartoon print and design, children and their parents, alike, will definitely adore this product. Made from high-grade, non-toxic wooden and ceramic materials, this set of four chopsticks and a holder, four colorful fish-shaped dishes, and a gift box, will surely captivate your oriental taste. One of the best things to consider about this product is that it is a very convenient tableware set; you can use it on both ordinary and special family occasions.

At an affordable price, you can now have your own authentic tableware service set that is well-packed upon shipping and is easy to use for a smart shopper like yourself. Satisfy your everyday cravings for oriental delicacies with your brand new set of tableware that is a hundred percent guaranteed safe and does not contain harmful lead that could endanger your health. 

Tableware, chopsticks set, talheres, dishes, chopsticks holder, colourful fish flavored dish, gift box, ice crack glaze.

Item specification:
Length: 22.5cm x 4pair
Chopsticks rack: 73*28*15mm * 4pcs
Dishes: 93*67*27mm * 4pcs
Material: Wooden chopsticks + ceramic chopsticks rack + ceramic dishes.
What's inside the Box:
4 x pair of chopsticks
4 x pcs Dishes
4 x pcs chopsticks rack
A Helpful Tip:
For first-time users, wash the chopsticks with warm water added with a cup of vinegar.

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