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Lovely 5 Pairs Handmade Wood Chopsticks Set

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These lovely five pairs of handmade chopsticks will surely upgrade your dining experience. Made from high-quality bamboo sticks, these chopsticks are repeatedly polished with natural plant lacquer and have undergone a primary carbonization treatment. Thus, each pair becomes non-staining and non-bleaching.

Purchasing the set will give you five pairs with various designs and an enclosed case where you can enclose the chopsticks inside for easy storage. These items are environment-friendly. Moreover, the designs vary for each pair; some have Japanese-inspired depictions, floral prints, and colorful patterns to match your mood for the day. The chopsticks are long to ensure you of a firm chopstick hold in your hand. One of the most notable features of this product is the small carved rings one each of the chopsticks, this is specially designed for you to have a firm grip on your food so that it will not slip.

Item Specifications:
Material: Bamboo
Size: 22.5 cm (8.78 inches)
Color: as the pictures shown
What's Inside the Box:
5 x Pairs/Set of Bamboo Chopsticks (With Gift Box)
A Helpful Tip:
For first-time users, wash the chopsticks with warm water added with a cup of vinegar.

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