Reusabble Japanese Bamboo Chopsticks Set 5 pairs Natural Style 2018 Sale

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This set of five-pair wooden Japanese chopsticks is great for vintage dining themes. Because of its sleek and elegant design, it is indeed the perfect present to give to your family and friends on all occasions.

This item is specifically designed for a firm grip of food from your favorite oriental cuisine. Its delicate patterns makes it even more appealing to a lot of avid customers thus, branding it as one of the best-selling items at Susheff. Crafted from safe and natural wood, this set of chopsticks comes in different colors such as white, black, orange, red, etc. that are perfect for your various dining styles. It comes in a dark box which also possesses the similar vintage elegance.

Another notable feature of this item is that it can be placed in a disinfection box for safe keeping and a healthier use. High quality yet affordable in price purchase one now immediately before the sale ends and the stocks run out.

Item Specifications:
Material: Wood
Color: Black, Red, Brown, Beige, Orange, Green
Length: 23 cm (9.05 inches)
Weight:135 grams (4.76 oz)


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