Reusable Japanese Bamboo Travel Chopsticks Foldable Collapsible Wood Set With Pouch

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We all know that disposable chopsticks are now becoming a trend because of its convenience and its lightweight features. Additionally, it is a lot easier to use than the metal ones.

If you are looking for the best chopsticks, certain standards have to be met. Other than being lightweight and convenient, it should be safe, natural, and aesthetically pleasing. A brand-new set of Foldable Reusable Japanese Chopsticks Set now available at Susheff brings you a fresh wave of innovation in the field of oriental dining. Brimming with amazing features, this set of chopsticks are totally a must have for a sushi lover like you.

This product is crafted from red sandalwood therefore, it is safe and non-toxic. In addition, it possesses a no-wax property, making it even healthier and more natural. Another notable feature about this product is that it is fold-able. Yes, you heard it right. Its fold-able feature absolutely makes it very convenient to use.

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Item Specifications:
Material: Rosewood, Copper
Size: 210 mm
Weight: 40g

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