Sushi Making Kit -10-Piece Sushi Rice Roll Mold Tool Set For Home(Black)

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Everyone loves a delicious bento lunch that has pieces of sushi, onigiris, boiled egg, and steamed vegetables in it. All these can be formed into adorable cartoon characters, panda bears, and other cute figures that are sure to make your mouth water; and then perfectly placed, piece by piece, in a classic bento box with lettuces and carrots as beds.

This popular Japanese dish is an all-time favorite of youngsters and young-at-hearts. With a brand-new product now available at Susheff, you can level up our usual bento lunches. One of the best features of this product is that it is portable. You can bring it anywhere, therefore you can create delicious sushi everywhere minus the hassle of heavy tools and equipment. Second, you need not spend a large amount of money since this product is highly economical and surprisingly affordable. The package includes various molds and a spatula. The best thing about this item is that it can be used by sushi experts and beginners, alike.

Item Specifications:
Material: Plastic
Color: Black
What's inside the Box:
10 x Sushi making tools

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